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The AdFocals Group offers an endless supply of branded merchandise, apparel, digital/print marketing, and advertising collateral for your business, event, or cause.

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Our professional designers specialize in focusing and recognizing your achievements through the use of today’s products and technology ….. letting the world know who you are!


Promotional Products

– Shirts, Hats, and Apparel
– Bags and Packaging
– Awards and Recognition
– Drinkwear
– Technology, etc…

Web Design & Networking

– Beautiful & Functional
– Mobile Friendly
– e-Commerce
– SEO Services
– Secure

Brand Management

– Logos & Insignias
– Digital Marketing
– Print Advertising
– Motion Graphics
– Brand Awareness
Promotional Items
Our (literally) endless supply of products and designers specialize in putting your business in the hands of your customers. Recognize achievements, reward loyalty, and leave lasting impressions. Be Known.
Web Design
Your website is the ultimate employee, that never takes a day off. We build beautiful and powerful WordPress websites for your business or service. Be Linked.
Branded Apparel

It’s a Brand new game. Crush your competition in 2023 by outfitting your team, business, and customers with apparel that leaves lasting impressions. Be Everywhere.

Logo Design
Our  graphics team builds flexible, creative, and memorable logos to get your brand recognized, regardless of the placement. Be Seen. Be Heard. Be Relevant. 
Search Engine Optimization
We offer SEO solutions that fit your budget. Advertise with AdWords, enhance your on-page SEO, track your rankings, and beat the competition. Be Found.
Digital & Print Advertising
Represent your brand in style, and let it represent you. Advertise with stylish, innovative, and prominent designs. Stand out and mean it. Be Bold.



South Carolina: 410-251-1080



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